038 – Breathing it out

038 - Breathing it out

Heya my Pink Lovers 
little something again about this post 
of course its Truth hair , how could it be different i just love Truth hair *-* 
but then i went to a lot of events ,
the thrift shop , the kawaii project, fantasy gacha  and even kustom 9 
so i hope you like all i set together ,
and btw i love those pants from supernatural,
and of course they exist in different colors then pink  (^_^)
hm not much more to tell ya enjoy my post 
Saty ღ
TRUTH HAIR Parvati by Truth hawks
ClarityMoon~BindiMoon~Piercing by mystique moonkill (Spooky Cute Event)
{L} Collar; Noir Minnie by kathrine hoxley ( The fantasy gacha )
{V} Lucky Cat Charm – Artemis RARE by voxcorvi
B.C.C kata Tank Top Baby Strawberry by vitamingirl(The kawaii Project)
.::Supernatural::. Donna Pink by Sombria baily (The Thrift Shop)
[BREATHE]-Sensuous Heels by daisa Admiral ( slink, maitreya)
.tsg. Mimi Mesh Head D Tone by eilfie sugarplum
.tsg. Summer Eyes – Lavendar *shine* by eilfie sugarplum
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3 by Onyx LeShelle
ALTAIR* candy backpack .bubblegum. by tsurine (The kawaii Project)
{Imeka} Danni – Pose Pack by natiwilliams ( Kustom 9)

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