045- Sweet sakura flying up high

045- Sweet sakura flying up high

045- Sweet sakura flying up high

heya Pink lovers
better late then not at all
so new month started actually really badly for me 
yeah im ill again once more and definately im not up for laughing or anything 
cause it really hurts 
i wont give ya more details but hopefully im all better soon 
so i went to the arcade and did some shopping 
not only for me but also for my friends ♥ 
and i was lucky at tentacio& Antielle as i got the lolita yukata in rare 
and i soo love this cute yukata 
this is really the most beautiiful cute yukata i saw till now 
and im sooo in love with it 
and then i saw these super cute little dragons from half deer 
and wanna laugh i played so hard just to get the sakura one 
and i dint get it 
i know i wear it on the pic becauseee i asked nicely in the trade group from the arcade 
if anyone got it and someone really cute gave it to me *-* 
The hair from truth i can say im lucky .. i got them 2 days before the arcade opened 
and i fell totally in love with this damaris hair , not only the style 
but also the lovely hibiscus he added up with this hair 
i choose the purple one to go with this look cause i just loved the combination 
and then also played a little to get something from sweet thing 
and then got this beautiful collar which is color change ( flowers & bell) 
what else should i tell ya 
hm kimono pose i found on marketplace , a cheapy for just 1 ls 
and really worth to get it 
huggies and thanks for supporting me 
saty ღ
TRUTH HAIR Damaris & Hibi [Purple] by Truth hawks ( The Arcade) 
ClarityMoon~BindiMoon~Piercing by mystique moonkill
Sweet Thing. Naughty Pink Kitten Collar by ayashula ( The Arcade) 
Tentacio & antielle. Lolita Yukata Sweet XS RARE by Kaorinette ( The Arcade)
+Half-Deer+ Mermaid’s Majesty – Sea Glass Bracelet – Ocean by halogen magic ( The Arcade) 
Tentacio & antielle. Rabbit in the Moon. Sac Blue by Kaorinette ( The Arcade) 
Tentacio & antielle. Rabbit in the Moon Okobo Sky by Kaorinette ( The Arcade) 
+Half-Deer+ Solstice Dragon – Sakura by halogen magic ( The Arcade) 
.tsg. Mimi Mesh Head D Tone by eilfie sugarplum
.tsg. Summer Eyes – Lavendar *shine* by eilfie sugarplum
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3 by Onyx LeShelle
kimonopose 1 by Juliett moonites (1 ls@ marketplace )

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