048 – Why did the cats turn around all the time?

048 - Why did the cats turn around all the time?

heya my lovely pink lovers
today i just show you a few things 
i went to the kawaii project  and of course i was lucky *-* 
so started with the new mini dress from sweet thing 
i really love this dress
even if a lot of friends told me .. hey i think you miss some panties with that one 
its really really short , well its a MINI dress as the name says it its mini XD 
but so sexy and cute 
then i saw from nintey that super cute bag which i had to get
and the earrings in the matching style from imeka with black kitties on it 
The i had bought at the alice in sexyland fair those amazing new heels from breathe 
called Etheral heels and of course in the color pink 
good thing you can change the color of the bow and the sole
then i went to kustom 9 for these great poses also from imeka , i couldnt resist 
and of course this amazing new hair is from truth 
its called benita, and it so cute 
really a must have hairstyle 
hmm thats it from me 
☆TRUTH HAIR Benita [Boobs 1] by truth hawks NEW
☆{Imeka} Sweet Black Cat Earring by natiwilliams (The Kawaii Project) 
☆Sweet Thing. Mew MiniDress – Princess Pink by ayashula (The Kawaii Project) 
☆Ninety- Miau Bag Black Mesh by Zombiehill (The Kawaii Project) 
☆[BREATHE]-Ethereal Heels-Pink Rose by daisa admiral (Alice in sexyland fair)  (slink, maitreya)
☆:Moon Amore: Frutilla Ring by psyqueen ( FREE ) 
☆antielle. Moon Bastet + Kitty Infusion by Kaorinette (The Kawaii Project) 
☆.tsg. Mimi Mesh Head D Tone by eilfie sugarplum
☆.tsg. Summer Eyes – Lavendar *shine* by eilfie sugarplum
☆Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3 by Onyx LeShelle
☆{Imeka} Aurora – Pose Pack by natiwilliams ( Kustom 9)

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