051 – Who ate my cookie for my coffee ??

051 - Who ate my cookie for my coffee ??

heya my lovely pink lovers 
today .. well the post isnt pink 
i know , but i just loved this look 
in case you miss the pink , i took some small accessories to add up my pink note *-* 
so i bought this super sexy dress at N21 from tee*fy
and definately  I LOVE this dress
really i do, and not cause i dint choose a pink one , i love pink 
but this one just was like wow i have to get it 
and wanted to share it with you 
also at N21 i got the wedges from reign , in a matching color tone 
( its for maitreya mid feet so also slink etc mid feet )
the necklace i show you from delicious is this time the full < 3 version
last time i showed you just a piece of it
as the other piece is on someones neck i just love so much ♥
the face chain is from kibitz and absolutely i love it,
my little piercing on my head as usual claritymoon 
i love it ( *_* )
The hair is from MR Truth Himself, called Bronwyn
and i so love this hair thanks so much for this great creation ღ
the tattoo ya see is from letis tattoo 
called Diwali and looks like a henna tattoo 
which makes this one really precious and amazing 
i wear the one at 75% to show you a bit darker version of it 
what else can i tell you , right i went to marketplace 
and found some nice stuff, first of all the bag from shey for 25 ls 
then this lovely watch for 50 ls 
was really lucky actually 
saty ღ
 ★TRUTH HAIR Bronwyn by truth hawks  NEW
★ClarityMoon~BindiMoon~Piercing by mystique moonkill
★Kibitz – Traitor face chain – gold by Kathya Szczepanski ( N21)
★..::DeliciouS::.. < 3 necklaces by Lythana Lykin ( marketplace) 
★Tee*fy Nina Summer Beach Dress – Elixir by azure electricteeth ( N21)
★REIGN.- Summer Lovin Wedges- TEAL by kenadeecole  ( N21)
(slink mid, tmp, maitreya, belleza)
★Letis Tattoo :: Diwali :: MM15008 :: by leti hax
( belleza, lolas tango, maitreya, omega, slink, tmp)

★.tsg. Mimi Mesh Head D Tone by eilfie sugarplum

★.tsg. Summer Eyes – Lavendar *shine* by eilfie sugarplum

★Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 by Onyx LeShelle

★SHEY Maldiv Handbags by Moi Deluxe (marketplace) 

★**Stylovely**Watch DIamond / Promo Price ! by petra xenga (marketplace)

★.Figure. Bollywood Nails set by Nittinha Aeon ( The showroom)
( omega , slink)

★Label Motion – Coffee by anne dakun


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