055 – Clockwork Pink

055 - Clockwork pink

Hello my lovely Pink Lovers 
i know you will say .. OH my God .. what is she doing 
no blog post and MR truth released 4 new hairstyles and i dint even blog one yet
I`m soo sorry 
i just wasn´t in the mood for blogging or anything actually 
so but now ill promise you there will be this post 
and as soon as Im done with this one
ill do the next post right after 
yep 2 posts in a day with 2 new hairstyles from MR Truth 
so first hair i show you is out at his Mainstore
and its called Shaylee 
definately i love this style its sexy and hot ..
and cute as well giggles 
then i went to the Epiphany ,
its a gacha event and well i fell into it 
got a lot of stuff and reedemed a lot also 
but what i kept is from sweet thing that super cute halo i wear ,
and from Noodles  the leg chain  and of course 
i almost forgot the heels from breathe ,
and even in the color pink rose ,
i just was so lucky giggles 
What else do i wear new release from Supernatural called Joy,
which you can get tat Oh my gacha! Event 
and best this is the rare one  (the other rare one is black)
and i just love it 
then also got from candy doll this lovely rose,
you can wear wherever you want i kept it as ring 
cause i just love it that way 
ow my gosh i almost forgot i also went to the kawaii project
and fell in love with this clock from Quirky 
definately its cute and you have two wear options,
 once you drag it , once you wear it 
and the poses are from label motion 
I´m sorry i forgot which poses i used but I´m sure you will find it out ,
at least i wrote up the name of the package
which you can find at my attic for a discounted price 
thats it from me huggies 
saty ღ
♕ Sweet Thing. 24. Purity Halo by aya shula (The Epiphany)
♕ TRUTH HAIR Shaylee by Truth hawks 
♕ ClarityMoon~BindiMoon~Piercing by mystique moonkill
♕ Kibitz – Traitor face chain – gold by Kathya Szczepanski
♕ .::DeliciouS::.. < necklaces by Lythana Lykin ( martketplace)
♕ .::Supernatural::. Joy Red – RARE by sombria baily (Oh My Gacha!) 
♕ [BREATHE]-Serene Heels-Pink Rose by  daisa admiral (The Epiphany)
♕ Letis Tattoo :: Bohemian :: FULL14008:: by leti hax
( belleza, lolas tango, maitreya, omega, slink, tmp)
♕ _CD_Rose – Cream – by rebeca dembo (Oh My Gacha!) 
leg chain :
♕ Noodles – Naara Thigh Chain Gold by natalee oodles (The Epiphany)
♕ . Quirky . – We’re Late – Drag by glitch grantham (The kawaii project)
♕ .tsg. Yui Mesh Head E Tone by eilfie sugarplum
♕ .tsg. Luxury Eyes – Pink by eilfie sugarplum
♕ Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx leShelle
♕ Label Motion – Exclusive Pack for My Attic by Anne dakun ( my Attic) 

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