079 – Feeling like a Princess in a Cage

079 - Feeling like a Princess in a Cage

hello my lovely pink bloggers
today i show you some all new hair again from MR Truth smiles
this time they are called Focus and soo cute,
you can wear it with the headband or without
and you have of course a color change hud for the headband & for the band
so it will match all of your favourite looks  smiles
the jewelery i wear i got from modern couture available at this fi*friday round
and in different colors available ,
i just choose white as it matched most to this awesome
sexy and really elegant dress from tetra
called lily lace dress in the color flamingo
you got this one at kustom 9 and definately i love it
The heels i got at the fantasy collective which will open shortly now
they are from candydoll and really awesome ,
just love those heels they are cute elegant and the dream of every girl
the poses i used are from kirin called miho and choose pose number 2
and the picture i took in front of the cinderellas carriage
from stockholm & lima right at the fantasy collective
and the menu of that carriage is definately not soft at all
( big menu with master/dom poses )
thats it from me huggies
Saty ♥
Hair // TRUTH HAIR Focus NEW
Jewelery // [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Madre White ( fi*friday)
Dress // TETRA – Lily Lace Dress (Flamingo) (Kustom 9) 
Heels// _CandyDoll_ Sassy Heels Pale Rose ( The fantasy collective ) 
Poses// Kirin – Miho Pose 2
Carriage // Stockholm&Lima: Cinderella’s Carriage
Picture taken at The fantasy collective

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