097 – Viking times

097 - Viking times

heya my lovely pink lovers so now its a bit of a fun post
well MR datrip owner of legal insanity and energy club
had his rl birthday party during 6 hrs in secondlife and they organised him an amazing party
so they changed the sim and made it a bit more viking like
hes an absolute fan of game of thrones and thats what came out
and just loved the decoration with the boats and everything
and had much fun decorating my outfit that i absolutely have to post it
hair is of course from truth
the headband is from on a lark
the outfit and chestpiece are from enfant terrible
the gloves are from Zenith same as the boots the venus shield ,
that little piece that hides my pussy actually is from realevil
and the bow is from EZ definately the best bow i had in gor
the poses are special archer poses
and the headshot is done with a pose from le poppycock
huggles saty ♥
hair// TRUTH HAIR Bronwyn
headband//*OAL* Beau Headband
head// 02 Genesis_Head_Nelly_Emotions_2.0 RARE
Eyes// HUD_Genesis_Lab_NICOLE_EYES
Tattoo//Letis Tattoo :: INERMIS Pack :: PACK15001 ::
chestpiece //.Enfant Terrible. Adorabelle Chestpiece Grey
outfit//.Enfant Terrible. Verelis
gloves// =Zenith=Leather Rock Star Gloves (Black) -Maitreya
venus shield // **RE** LUX Venus Shield V4
boots // =Zenith=Wood Elf Ranger Leather Long Boots (Black)-Maitreya
bow // [EZ] Attacotti -novo2.02
poses // .::NanikA::.Archer Poses Set mesh bow+arrows // Le Poppycock *Reverberation* B
Picture taken at // Energy Club 

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