099 – When the world feels like dancing

099 - When the world feels like dancing

Hello my lovely pink Lovers
sorry for the long delay i know i know
but i waited for awesome new hair from mr truth
and definately it was worth the waiting
so for now shoing you the hair from truth called Kera
which you can get at the epiphany
really you have to be lucky to get all the differnt hairstyles
you want but when ya got em youre absolutely crazy and happy
Then wearing from realevil ( which you find at epiphany too)
the bad kitty headphones aswell as the matching necklace
Also from epiphany is the aiko dress from candydoll
this one is a rare and was soo glad to get it
The eyeshadow and the lipsticks i got at the seasons story definately great
even if its not set for the nelly head i just love the make ups
The angel band i wear are from B bos and definately soo cool
really thanks to bamshyl for those ♥
And of course the heels are from KC found them at the tres chic venue
and just loved the style
thats it from me huggies
Saty ♥
headphones // **RE** Bad-Kitty Headphones – Common – Black (The Epiphany)
Hair// TRUTH HAIR Kera (The Epiphany)
Head// 02 Genesis_Head_Nelly_Emotions_2.0 RARE
eyes// HUD_Genesis_Lab_NICOLE_EYES
eyeshadow// HUD_Genesis_Lab_Eyeshadows_PEACHY_TOP (The seasons story)
Lipstick// HUD_Genesis_Lab_Lipstick_WET_SATIN (The seasons story)
Necklace// **RE** Bad-Kitty Necklace – White – Common  (The Epiphany)
Bands// B BOS -Angel Bands- White
Dress// _CandyDoll_ Aiko Dress – Maitreya Lara – RARE (The Epiphany)

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