117 – Senshi Love

117 - Senshi love

hello my lovely followers
today i present you an outfit
perhaps you gonna laugh
but well i love the sailor senshis
and always had an eye on sailor saturn
so showing you this lovely outfit which is from violent seduction
and called hime senshi saturn , which i really really love
the boots are from empire and called cosmos and match perfectly
to the look of sailor saturn
the hair is from truth and called emika , actually that doesnt match
for the sailor saturn look but was definately the best one i could find
and who matches at least a bit and i just love truth so im glad i could get this one
best all of the 3 ( hair , dress and boots ) are available at the crystal heart festival
full of magical sailor moon stuff and all sooo cool and lovely
The choker, aswell as the armbands and appliers, the tiara, the earrings
and the glaive are from shiro tsuki which i can say a biiig biig thanks to usagi-chan
for giving me them to do this amazing post ♥♥♥♥
you absolutely need to have a look at her moon kingdom sim its lovely
and lot of stores there too and all is sailor moon related ♥
My head and applier is again from fiore, my body from maitreya
the sparkle i wear is from CC and called summer solistice i wear the comsmic one
the poses are from my brother ramsa which has a store called the path
and the pic i took at an really old sim
i think it was up already in 2007 its called inspire space park
and youre surrounded by planets
thats it from me
hugs satyra ♥
hair// TRUTH HAIR Emika ( crystal heart festival )
tiara// .ST. Eternal Tiara – Saturn ( Moon kingdom )
head//.: fiore :. Mesh Head – Precious
head applier // .: fiore :. Toni Mesh Head Applier SPF35
Body// Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
earrings//.ST. Saturn Earrings ( Moon kingdom )
choker// .ST. Senshi Choker – Saturn ( Moon kingdom )
dress// Violent Seduction – Hime Senshi (Saturn) ( crystal heart festival
armbands// .ST. Saturn – Arm Bands ( Moon kingdom )
glaive// .ST. Saturns Silence Glaive [With Pose] ( Moon kingdom )
boots// #EMPIRE – Cosmos ( crystal heart festival )
sparkle// **CC** – Summer Solstice – (cosmic)
poses // The path poses 2 & 8 Picture taken at // Inspire Space Park

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