122 – Feel The Energy

122 - Feel The Energy

heya my lovely followers
today i show you an epiphany event look
so starting with the hair which is from truth and called Oriana 2
(there are 2 versions ) this one is the one sided version
there is also a version where both breasts are hidden behind the hair
the bang comes a part and is for the oriana hair
but you might also add it up to the other gacha hair from truth
i just definately love it ♥
The head , applier are from fiore , my body stil maitreya
the particles are from cc and called summer solistice
my tattoo is a common and also from epiphany its called suraya and
got it in the color silver , just love this one
then i also got from realevil same as the tattoo, the suraya rings
which is a rare this time and glad i got it as i love them
The dress and the boots are both rares from blueberry and called energy
i got both in the red color and im in love with them
and my pose i choose for the pic is from le poppycock
and called truth or dare
really if you love some places and want to explore
have a look at the looking glass lovely place and great spots also for couples
and for taking pics
thats it cheers Satyra ♥


Hair // TRUTH HAIR Unicorn Gacha – Oriana 2 ( with bangs ) (The Epiphany.)
head//.: fiore :. Mesh Head – Precious
head applier // .: fiore :. Toni Mesh Head Applier SPF35
Body// Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
particles // **CC** – Summer Solstice
Tattoo // **RE** Surya Tattoo – Common – Silver (The Epiphany.)
Hand jewelery // **RE** Surya Rings Maitreya – RARE (The Epiphany.)
Dress// #2 Blueberry – Energy – RARE – Dress Zero – Red *M* (The Epiphany.)
Boots // #6 Blueberry – Energy – RARE – Boots – Red *M* (The Epiphany.) 
pose // le poppycock – truth or dare
Picture taken at // The looking glass 

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