195 What i can do without you…

195  What i can do without you... 195  What i can do without you...

heya my lovely followers and friends
today i do a nice yellowish post haha
just love the way the windlight is atthis place called maison de l’amitie
really its a beautiful dreamy place on a beach and i just love the fact that really
the windlight tunrs all kinda yellow goldish here which makes this a really
pretty and extraordinary place ♥
The hair i choose is from truth called Rumor and its stil new
we have to wait a bit more until the new group gift from truth
as hes on vacation and only back around next week but thats ok
as long as we can enjoy the hairstyles he released previously ♥♥
The Bindi i wear you can see fully on the headshot picture
its actually a eye and really lovely
it comes in many different colors but i choose the green one to match my eyes
and btw its from CNZ my new sponsor * YAY* and available at the Darkness
(yes thats an event lolol )
The hibisucs flower i wear in my hear is from Cazimi
and comes in many lovely colors
check out the mainstore or search for them on marketplace
its really worth the price and they are soo pretty and colorfull ♥♥♥
The lipstick i use on this post is from Studio exposure (S.E) and called
Cappucino lipcream and is for the catwa heads i do love her make ups
they are really pretty and soo lovely colors
( she also does make up for fiore and lelutka , aswell as catwa )
The braclets i wear i know you cant really see them are from the event called Knot&Co
they are a group gift all you need to do is join the knot&co group
and get them for free ♥♥
The dress or better said the gown is from Masoom
i definately love this dress first of all cause of the colors
you do have a large color choice
and for one time i dont wear black or red i just loved this one
its orange yellow tone and just so beautiful
best you get this one at the comopolitan event
really its worth to get the fatpack ♥♥
The wraps i wear are from fri.day called Koko wraps i got them in the color sunny
and they are really a must have for every look
And the amazing arrow tattoo i wear is from Izzie`s , you have really pretty metallic tones
such as gold n silver but also other options
try it out really
and the decorations around me are from Revival , concept, kazza, N4rs,
what next and even YS&YS, so really if you need any of those
just look at my credits
its all written up there and if you cant find all you need
just go to maison de l`amitie and have a look at their really beautiful sim
cheers n kisses


hair // TRUTH Rumor NEW
hairbase // L’Etre – Kylie Hairbase
bindi // *CNZ* Eye Bindi (The Darkness )  NEW
hibiscus flower // Cazimi: Hibiscus Hair Flower – Peach-Yellow R
bento head // CATWA HEAD Catya
skin applier // L’Etre Skin Shop – Aya Skin [Chocolata Tone] CATWA
body // Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
braclets // Knot&co. Triangle Bracelets
rings // Astralia – Magical rings (Maitreya bento)
gown // [[ Masoom ]] Marina gown (the cosmopolitan july ) NEW

wraps // fri. – Koko Wraps (Sunny)
tattoo// Izzie’s – Metallic Arrow Tattoo
stove // .:revival:. garden stove
wood // .:revival:. fire wood stack
chair // KAZZA – Line Breeze – Moderate Summer Chair 1
magazines // N4RS Open Beach Decor Magazine
pot // CONCEPT} 04. ISCHIA . Shells pot
bag // N4RS Tote Bag with Towel
pillows // Concept} 10. Patio Pillows floor
table // .:revival:. garden table
cards // eaches ‘N Cream – CESP – Truth or Dare (PG)
wine // *YS&YS* La Cantina – 09 Wine Set Used
lamp// .:revival:. oil lamp II
cactus // Crete-Succulents
pouf // .:revival:. jute pouf
striped and plain pillow // {what next} Hampton Dock Pillow (beige stripe) & (beige plain)

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