203 It All feels like a never ending dream

203 It All feels like a never ending dream203 It All feels like a never ending dream

Heya my Lovely Blog lovers, fans and family
today ill do a full Chapter Four Blog posts
so almost everything i show you is from this awesome event

satrting with the hair its called Jenessa
the creator of this hair is called Vallani. really its ok , and really cute
you do have some options on this hair first you have Bento hair and Fitted Hair
then you have an Animate Hud, aswell as a Qick Lock Hud and a tint and style hud
the color hud has really lovely color tones and its easy to style
The other huds really i dint play around with so i wont tell you much about it
Please try it out thats what i can consider when back from holidays ♥♥ really sorry

The hairbase stil is l’etre as for me they do the best ones till now
my head is from catwa and the skin applier is stil from Lara Hurley
aswell as my Body whos stil from maitreya ♥
The eyes i use are from Banana Banshee and called In Time
i use the light ones and there are dark color eyes too
i just loved this purple pinkish tone and the details of the eyes
, best they work easy for catwa and so i do love them ♥
there are 12 colours and a fatpack , and they come with a dark sclera option.
Mostly the eyes work for Lelutka eyes and catwa eyes,
theres also a hud that works on Genesis Lab eyes and all Omega friendly eyes.

The necklace or better lets call it a choker is from AltaGroup and called Mexico
its comes in 5 different fabrics, and they are rigged and unrigged
and i do love the colors on the coker and the detail , really worth getting it ♥

The nails i use are from Slackgirl and called Valk mesh nails ,
they are comaptible with vista, maitreya, slink, and tuty bento hands ♥
i really loved the colors on this nails , and the textures
unfortunately i dint get to manage that you see the hands closer with the poses
but i might be using them again in another post stay tuned ♥

The dress is from 1313 called maia dress,
it comes with a nice hud whos easy to use
and you can color the dress to your favourite needs ♥

The heels i use are from Dirty Princess and called Malibu princess heels
they come with a hud with 26 colors and are compatible for maitreya, slink and belleza

And the pose i use is from PM called Candice and for the post i actually used 2 poses
i used number 1 and number 5
and the others also really are amazing , best they are bento compatible
and easy to use ♥

Thats it from me
there will be one more post tomorrow during the day
and then its Time for HOLIDAYS
cheers n kisses

hair // VALLANI. Jenessa Hair [Bento] ( Chapter four august)  
hairbase // L’Etre – Kylie Hairbase
bento head // CATWA HEAD Catya
skin applier // Lara Hurley- Beth Dark *Catya Head Catwa*
eyes // Banana Banshee [Catwa] – In Time – Light sclera ( Chapter four august)  
body // Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
necklace // Altagroup: “Mexico” choker necklace 3  ( Chapter four august)  
nails // ::SG:: Valk Mesh Nails (Vista, maitreya, slink, tuty )BENTO ( Chapter four august)   
dress // (*<*) 1313 Maia Dress  ( Chapter four august)  
heels // *Dirty Princess* Malibu Princess Heels w/Hud 26 Colors
( freya, isis, slink, maitreya )  ( Chapter four august)  
poses // PM . Candice 1 & 5 ( Chapter four august)  

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