053 – When the rainbows fall off the clouds

053 - When the rainbows fall off the clouds

Heya my lovely pink lovers 
im sorry for not blogging for 2 weeks now but well rl comes first 
as usually,  so well I`m here again and showing you this new post ,
first of all the hair is from truth called Astra
and its soo cute you have 2 versions of it and you have a hud to change the accessory
i choose version 2 for this post but the other version is as cute 
thankies sooo much for this lovely hair Mr truth ♥♥
Then i went to the candy fair OMG so cute stuff there 
you have some gachas like from half- deer
where i got the uncommon Ice Cream – Sundae
really cute as you can change the texture in the uncommon one,
which you cant with the common ones
and then you have the usual things you can buy
like that suuper cute dress from Altair,
 i choose the black version this time
not that the pink one wasnt nice,
i loooved it even but to change a bit smiles 
from una i got this lovely free gummy bear to wear in my mouth,
its cute isnt it ? 
then saw from Quirky&Dreamsicle these lovely garters
and had absolutely to get those 
i do love them 
and i can change the stockings to black n white ( simple or with candy on it ) 
ow and the collar is from stockholm&Lima ,
definately i dint thought ever anyone would do such a cute collar 
i just want to bite inside it all the time hahaha 
Then the shoes i wear are from katatonik,
which are available at the creation jp event 
just love those ballet slippers ♥
Ow and i hope you saw the difference smiles
i got a new mesh head, 
no ? you cant see it,
well first of all i choose a darker tone 
then its the yui mesh head i wear and i just loooveee it cant complain about it 
also new eyes from tsg called luxury and of course in the color pink 
poses are from kirin , went to her store and just saw the 50 ls sign next to it 
couldnt resist and got them directly 
thats it from me huggies 
Saty ღ
☆★TRUTH HAIR Astra 2 by Truth hawks  NEW
☆★ClarityMoon~BindiMoon~Piercing by mystique moonkill
☆★POMPOSITY – Septum Piercing 2N by Bugsy hansome
☆★Schadenfreude Rainbow Kawaii Clouds Earring by Allegory Malaprop
☆★Gummy Bear MOuth by Una daxter (Free)  (Candy Fair 2015)
☆★Stockholm&Lima: Candy Collar (Heart) by Surrealia Anatine (Candy Fair 2015)
☆★ALTAIR* candy princess dress .candy black. by Tsurine  (Candy Fair 2015)
☆★.Quirky&Dreamsicle. – Sweet Tooth Garters – Pink (D) by glitch grantham (Candy Fair 2015)
☆★*katat0nik* (pink) Ballet Slippers for Slink & Maitreya by Katat0nik Pidgeon (creation jp.) 
Ice cream:
☆★+Half-Deer+ Catty Creamery Ice Cream – Sundae UNCOMMON by halogen magic
(Candy Fair 2015)
☆★.tsg. Yui Mesh Head E Tone by eilfie sugarplum
☆★.tsg. Luxury Eyes – Pink by eilfie sugarplum
☆★Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx leShelle
☆★Kirin Poses – Maki Pose Pack by Carolina sautereau (poses used 1,2,4) (50 ls friday)

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